i. Preface

  1. Out of Paradise

  2. Marysville Ain't Nothing but a Wide

      Spot in the Road

  3. Headaches and Hospitals Or By the

      Time I get to Lompoc

  4. America - Viva Las Vegas - Rocky

      Mountain High - Kansas City Here I


  5. New York, New York Or Joey

      Gutierez Revisited

  6. Europe - Now What?

  7. Arbeit Macht Frei

  8. Matterhorn Or Bust

  9. Smoke on the Water

10. Montreux Jazz Festival – 1973 ~


11. It's Only Rock 'N Roll (and Blues

      and Jazz and Sex and Drugs) -

      Rolling Stones, Keith Richards,

      David Bowie, Rick Wakeman, Yes,

      Queen, Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull,

      Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana,

      Moody Blues, Johnny Rivers,

      Canned Heat, Mike Love, Elton

      John, Jazz Legends, Miles Davis,

      Charles Mingus, Nina Simone, Ray

      Charles, Mahavishnu Orchestra and

      John McLaughlin...

12. WEA International – WB Music

      Show – Doobie Bros. and Skunk

      Baxter, Little Feat and Lowell

      George, Tower of Power, Graham

      Central Station and Larry Graham,

      Montrose, Bonaroo

13. Hot Licks and Drug Fueled Kicks Or

      3 Months with Keith Richards

14. Ibiza - Murder in Mallorca

15. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Or

      Land of the Rising Sons

16. A Tale of 3 Cities – Or How the

      Olympics Transformed Asia

a. Tokyo Olympics 1964

b. Seoul Olympics 1988

c. Beijing Olympics 2008

17. New Zealand

18. Fiji

19. Japan

20. China or Good, Good Study - Day,

      Day Up 

21. Buddha and the Art of SUV




It’s 1972 - The Viet Nam War is all but a bad blotch etched in the depth of the American psyche – Richard Nixon has just ordered the break in of the Watergate complex and Jimi Hendrix has drowned in a pool of his own vomit – But, hey, Kurt Cobain’s only 5 years old – and Dark Side of the Moon has yet to be conceived – And me, I’m standing at the on ramp of highway 99, knapsack on my back, thumb pointing south…


The journey follows my intrepid travels over the next 40 years – through more than 35 countries around the world - doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do, where I’ve wanted to do it, when… and for all the right reasons…  I’ve had my ambitions - and set my targets - I’ve had my desires – and set my goals - and achieved them - I’ve wined, dined - lived and traveled with superstars – Nina Simone to The Rolling Stones - Ray Charles to Little Feat - spent 8 years in the music industry - recorded the world’s first commercial digital recordings – followed the introduction, progress and development of digital compact disc production in Japan, The UK and America, been in 6 movies – skied the Matterhorn, the Zugspitz, Harris Mts. to the Himalayas – sailed the Mediterranean – Murder in Mallorca - Shipwrecked off the Spanish Coast – Dived the Northern Marianas - Fiji to Phi Phi – I’ve seen the sunrise from Haleakala to Jomon Saki - scaled Mt. Fuji – traversed the Great Wall – 8 years throughout Europe - 20 years in Japan – 6 years New Zealand – 5 years China - most points in between - and now – Thailand and Buddha and the Art of SUV Maintenance… I have a few tales to tell…   Next





Chapter 1


Out of Paradise



1972 was the longest year in the history of man. It was a leap year and the Coordinated Universal Time committee added 2 leap seconds to the clock. It was a time of bell bottom pants and drive-in movies. A time of vinyl LPs, 8 track tapes and pet rocks. A time of Monty Python, Led Zeppelin and digital watches. It was also a time of war. The 1972 Viet Nam draft nominees were about to be called and I wasn't about to take any chances.


My mother - my Mother, a half Bohemian, 1930’s era American Airline stewardess, drops her 19 year old son off at the on ramp of highway 99, dark clouds looming on the horizon, knapsack on his back, heading south out of Paradise, California, on her way to kindergarten - and his to the World…


And just the night before, she comes home from school pulling her hair, ranting and raving, going, “What the fuck’s wrong with kids these days?” And, trust me, in 1972, kindergarten school teachers don’t use the word ‘fuck’ very often. “They have absolutely no discipline, no morals, no respect. They are unruly, disorderly, uncontrollable, don’t listen, don’t pay attention, …” (the kids, not kindergarten school teachers). – Now, these are 5 to 6 year olds in 1972 and she’s a veteran, elementary school teacher of over 20 years and never, throughout her tenure, had she ever complained about the state of her students – So she does a bit of demographic research and out of her class of 20 odd students – 2, count ‘em, - 2 of them live with their natural parents. In other words, over 90% of her students had come from broken or dysfunctional families – either separated, divorced, never married, don’t know who the father is… And, seriously folks,  ya gotta ask yerself, “What the fuck’s wrong with this picture? “ – Now, multiply that by the number of years up to the current time frame and you can’t help understanding why the western world is deteriorating the way it is - Why gangs are replacing the family unit, gangs that are the family unit, drive by shootings, mass murders, mass murderers, indiscriminate shootings and bedlam in post offices, public schools and fast food chains and why, not only America, but the rest of the western world is in the state of decay it is.   NEXT